Carafe and Character

Yogurt and granola for lunch, in a minute.  Back at Skyhawk, call came in but couldn’t answer it in time.  Then I call her back…. Looking at wine pictures from years ago, pours and people, the tasting room and footage fro vineyard walks.

I’ve diced my thoughts, blended… decided again – quintupling-down on wine.  Everything about it.  No wine last night, and none tonight…. The distance is beneficial.  I write my character, essayist and scribbler, diarist or journalist or whatever.

Everywhere… Spain, France, Argentina.  And anywhere else.

Again I come back to wine and the story…t he tasting room days where JK, Steve, Chris, Mike, Wes, Augustine, and I would taste through the flight before opening and compare notes.  Get almost obsessively deconstructionist.

At Caddis on Sunday.  Not giving that up, even though I’ve been advised to.  Write everything about the day – from the small latte at Peet’s to opening the door then setting out the tall tables and chairs, tasting the Chard— I mean SB now— to the Better Together blend (Cab/Syrah), to the Sonoma Valley Cab from Kunde’s property.

Why do I keep leaving wine… why do I question and self-doubt?  Remember what Katie said years ago when we made the MKCS Cab… “If you doubt yourself, you’re never gonna make wine.”