Hoping the contracts land today.

Just one of them.  12 & Mission SBUX closed, or is moving more accurately so I came here to Windsor.  Had to sit across the floor in one of those chairs which I hate but soon a couple kids moved from my usual corner bench/window seat.  So now, happy, into the morning and connected to day.  Need my own place and space, I realize.  Today a huge step will be made toward IT – the office, the travel, this new story.

As the shift comes to an end, soonish, I’m seeing the possibility.  Running today, and no one will say anything.  There will be no reaction, no rebuttal, no comment, no note made.  Today, an offensive.  Here till about ten I’m thinking, hoping my place doesn’t get pilfered when I get up to use restroom and of course take laptop and bag with me.

More and more calls back to wine, the stories.. blend with tech somehow, blog then past…  Need to get a couple wines to share at dinner tonight, maybe.  Spinning this morning, not sure what to do next.  Waiting for these contracts is idiotic.  Happiness composition outside such an act… Hmmm…  Listen.