Heard from fiber lead in SF.  She apologized for the delay and has her leased settled and secured, now just waiting on what kind of contract to send out… 5 year or 3.  At this point, I don’t care.  Might be able to make my month with a 5, but not holding breath anymore.  Whatever I get, I get, if anything.  Already 10:24

Didn’t check emails last night.  Have night to self more or less so tonight then, hopefully.  Have to start thinking about a run, maybe around Sonic’s HQ, or up in Skyhawk.  Haven’t decided… What would make me happy, what do I want.  This feels surreal, how the story has shifted and turned more toward me and what I want, need.

Have to use restroom.  May loose seat if I get up.  Ugh… need my own spot and seat, permanently.  Talk about happiness….  HAPPY, HAPPINESS, the happiest of happiness’… all I can think about this morning, and how close it is.

Listening to Tycho, only the instrumental tracks.  What I need, part of the quietude in this new hue.  Watching these baristas and how fast they move for when they must have arrived this morning.  Fascinating….  Described.