…Have meeting with Sales Engineer in not too long.  What am I doing tomorrow, no idea.  Think maybe… my usual lunch in HBG?  A run first, has to happen.  Speed work.  Then an outing, somewhere.  Quiet is what I’m after.  Like I often say, collection.  I use that word since during the week pieces of ourselves get misplaced or separated from the essential shape.

Promised self earlier to write more freely.  How do I do that.  I’m always thinking or meditating over direction… take a couple minutes, I tell myself.  Hot in this room, or at the very least warm.

This desk is a mess.  Or, dining room table.  Obviously the shift will delay my office occupation – or will it.  Just thought of something.  Won’t say what, but maybe there will be an acceleration rather than a delay.  On everything, honestly, following a recent set of new pages and character narrative.  Can specify on blog… shit.

Check time, good for a bit.  Figure I should leave in, maybe, 10 or 15.  Looking at houses, office spaces, vacation places…. The book is open.  A new one I haven’t written.  I only see it now at 42, in this shift.