I should be driving. Book store today, no fail.

Actually, going to listen to a book on drive to Healdsburg.

Meliss mentioned this morning that she’s loving HBG, I’ll call it from now forth so I don’t have to write the whole name (lazy, I know), more and more.  Me as well.  And yes I do that thing where you surf Zillow like it’s porn (no I don’t surf porn, but you get the point, inspired by that SNL skit with the guy from Schitt’s Creek), looking at houses in this neighborhood, then this one.. in this price range, and fuck it this one too.  I’m seeing me in a house of no more than 2500 sq ft… rooms for kid people, office for me and maybe even a bedroom though I’ve never been he type to need some big-ass room.  Yeah I need a closet, but not some Godzilla-gorilla-king-size cama.  That’s always seemed silly to me.

And I’m still at the desk. Get up and go.  You have the whole day, Mikey….  Use cash in safe, don’t go to ATM.  I hate the ATM.  Every time I use it I feel gross after pushing buttons others just minutes before me have touched, and I feel irresponsible.. like BOOM go to the machine and money appears.  Overthought maybe, but that’s my thought, my thinking, ME – at this age.