Caddis Room.  Need make today count in a way I never have.  Blogging, web design… project given new life.  Notes all day – how to prospect, where to start, where I want to go, starting with ME as a client.

Going through old pictures and pulling from past scenes.  There’s something in this day, in this morning.

10:52…. 8 minutes left of uninterrupted narrative.  Have chill house beats playing, think it’s the “Poolside Lounge” list.

Friend Justin from Kamen waving outside.  I go out and say hi, ask him how he is.  He tells me he’s hungry for breakfast and wanting coffee.  Offers to get me a cup after I said I needed another, I declined as politely as I could and we continued small conversation for a bit before parting and me returning to keys.

Back to pictures, ones I just took here in the room and right around me before Justin distracted me to outside.  Building something out of anything… there is creative in all corners.  Everything has Composition.  Everything IS Composition.

That’s my thesis with this business….  Fann’d, like the Poet’s fire.

People walking by.  Races today, should be slow giving me more time for EVERYTHING.