Myth Ritual

Woke feeling hot and a bit uneasy, again.  Didn’t last long though.  7:37 and not sure if the kids are going to camp today or not.  Double-espresso and I’m going over everything I have to do this week and need get done.  Of course some components not put on blog, but others such as running and organization for the coming week, my July Forecast, need be.  Where am I running today….  Possibly around Sonic’s buildings, trying to extend to 5-6 miles.  If I could hit 6.3, oh my god I’d be over the moon and over the sun and over all stars.

Was looking at Races yesterday, before leaving for Yuba.  Miss racing days, everything from the early morning to the little pockets of runners you get stuck and slowed in at the beginning and sometimes other parts of the race, to the feeling of realizing you finished… you did it.  It’s done.

Kids still asleep.  Well, Emma and Henry.  Jack’s awake, I have few doubts.  Heard a little movement just above my head where his bed is.

This week is more than defining or especially directional.  When Friday business closes, there will be a new tangibility confirmed in this story.  Watching this character, Mike Madigan, me, change but not as myself reflecting upon self but a reader turning pages in someone’s book.  I say what happens alongside anticipating the next event.

Just listed right aims below this post…..  Today will be perfect.  Well, I don’t know about perfection, but encouraging for the remainder of the week.—  Goddamn me, forgot about her… my character and her novel, Mona.  Added to list.  Feel tired again, even after the espresso kisses.  Then quiet, until I start typing again.

Have image, seeing it, stamping it to brain’s walls and all along all sides of halls.  Seen, believed and I’m fully subscribed to what I see.  Point of this point is when you understand something you haven’t before and it becomes a conviction that you’ve never had.  In intensity, volume, feel, gravity, everything.

Made note of it, off-blog.  On this screen, below.  One day in book.

Running, running…. Need 6.3 today.  For me.  Gift to self.  7:56.  Do they have camp today?  Let them sleep, I say to myself, they were up late last night walking through the door only a couple minutes after I did.

Espresso done, like other actualities.  What just starts though….  This.  ME.  Mike Madigan and his new work… new manuscript, project.  More notes below, of what I see…. Prospecting my own head for ideas and realities.  Liberation, by a factor of I don’t know how much.  Need another shot.  Why not.  Celebrate, sip slow, let it last and speak to you, telling self.

Wait, would the kids have camp today?  I really am wondering, and confused.  Will go upstairs and check on them, find out, if I can.

No camp.  At desk, me.. doing budget acts and moving money to places suiting this picture I have elevated and beaming in my thought streets.