Oh thank EVERYTHING…. One more espresso pod in cabinet.

Just back from store, and felt another nap tempt.  No fucking way I said to myself.. get in the chair, get to work.  Tomorrow running morning, if leg feels better.  And even if it doesn’t I’m getting out there.  Feels okay right now, though when walking from car to the Oliver’s entrance it smarted a bit.

Another inbound lead, not the best I’ve ever seen not that ANY of them are, but I’ll take it… gave the guy a call and something might happen, we’ll see.  Hope he has the budget for what I have to offer.  Luckily he hates Comcast with hellfire thoughts, got that going for me.  Mapping out time, all times, for tomorrow.  Designing it like I want it to be the most gorgeous architecture ever presented.

Family home soon.  What can I get done?  Sip espresso…