Done with lunch, at desk looking for new conversations of course.  Sipping the cold coffee that’s been on desk since this morning.  And, got dressed.  Actual clothes, imagine that.  More notes in journal, for projects and other steps.  Think Jack has a baseball game tonight, doesn’t he?

Going to call on a business from a list of leads the company gave me and other AE’s somewhat recently.  Call done, guy not interested.  I need to shift my movements here, and starting with LinkedIn conversations and more organic outreach and research is how I’ll bring this effort to a fruitful fruition.  But not more promissory notes.  Where am I and what am I doing… at desk typing.

Taking a break from the writing break, needed.  Shit, dentist appointment on Thursday.  Goddamnnit.  Should re-schedule, like I always do.  Nothing to write now.  Just how the leads list is looking at me, asking “What the fuck are you doing?” I’m not answering.  ‘Cause I don’t have an answer.

Need to get ice for freezer.  Can’t believe it stopped working again.  Should treat self to a drive to Oliver’s.  You know what, I will.  Air, music, driving that same strip to the store. Bored of it as you know but even more bored of being at this goddamn desk.  Tomorrow, in Field.  At a Starbucks somewhere, not HQ.  Staying out of offices, away from desks…. We’ll see.  Keep looking outside—  MIKE, GO.  GO FOR A DRIVE.  GET OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE.