3.28 miles, 9:32 pace.

Not ecstatic but I can live with it.  Too hot to hit an hour, at least in the condition I’m in.  Back out tomorrow morning after kids to school… run in Bennett Valley, old route, or part of it.

Time for a little lunch.  Quick, then back to laptop and desk.  Writing thoughts as they arrive, land and take their residence in my system.

12:18, on hold dealing with some weird notice received regarding COBRA benefits I had back in 2015.  They say I owe a little still.  Why am I hearing about this now?  Well, I’m not paying either way but I thought it’d be interesting to see what’s happening I guess.

Still cooling down from run.  Much hotter than I wanted.  Now I remember why I hate running in heat.  But then I complain when it’s cold….