7:13, having the last of the Ridge blend from last night, then opening a Gap’s Crown PN Drew dropped off last night.

On and off with wine again, how much I give to it s a subject, but then I remember my new or renewed “challenge” and can’t back down.  You know what I’ve always wanted to do….  Go to some extremely or supposedly extremely haunted site and bring a bunch of wine and sip while walking.  Never separating or sleeping in rooms alone, none of that expected template shit… just doing a tasting or tasting through flights while walking.  Maybe, each participant has a bag over their shoulder with five wines.  They go to certain parts of the site and taste through them, one at a time.  And again, TOGETHER.  Taste the Sauv Blanc in the dinning hall, Chard in the cellar or basement….  Focus is on the wine just tasting in an odd place.  IF you experience paranormal shit cool. If not, all good we have wine.

7:19, they’re still playing.  And they reuse to slow.  They try new arrangements and rules.

Wind tonight, like the Tubbs night.  No news of fires, but on the news of course they had to remind us it’s fire season almost.  Almost…. Why do I have to be reminded.  Neighborhood moms outside, one husband, walking around checking on their kids, or son, playing ball right in front of our house.  A pitch misses and makes a loud band or thud sound that startles me.  They don’t care.  They just want to play.  See my daughter walking around the front neighbor’s driveway and into their garage looking for something.  What.  They always have a mission, something to explore for.  There’s always justification for exploration, always I’m reminded just through these desk and window-view observations and appreciation.