In full AE mode, sent reports to director, planning on running at 11, lead from IT partner.

Been up since 5-something with little Henry.  Two items for to-do, so far.  3 if you count the call to new lead.  After run, going to prospect like a thirsty explorer in the desert.

Construction guys hammering away on fence, me thinking about run.

Took both big kids to school.  First time in over a year.  Emma saying to me while walking to her room, “It’s hard being five.” I tell her I’m sure it is and that she’s doing a great job, and thanked her for taking charge and showing us the way to her classroom.  So surreal, I told Melissa, and Jack as I walked him to his room.  “What does surreal mean?” He asked.  I told him it was hard to explain.

9:48, still early so not planning to make any calls yet.  May wait till after run.  Sipping sparkling water as I could still feel the double espresso I made earlier while watching Henry.

Setting money aside, for business and something else.  Hungry but not letting self eat, not yet.  Thinking of the run, the goal for the day… ONE FUCKING HOUR.  Forget pace, forget distance, go for time I tell myself.  And I will.

Don’t feel tired, which is interesting.  Even with espresso when up early with little HLR I feel heavy and sluggish but this morning I’m hungry and organized. Moving quick, and yes probably a bit too quick.

No wine anything this weekend coming up… Mother’s Day being part of the reason but equally as told inwardly to spend more time with the babies.  Hard for me to even call Jack that now with a straight face.  Not that I’m smiling, but sad, moose …