journal morning

8:51.  Stuck.  Why.  Now what.  Go to journal when this happens.  Actual pages….

9:12, done scribbling in pages and now back with keys.  Not sure I posted this, but class selections were pushed to this Thursday, 4/22.  Honestly hoping there’s nothing for me.  I want to be done with the adjunct game and chase.  Just be in the AE story, be here in chair writing each movement and inventorying my seconds, minutes.  Espresso done, will sneak in a power nap shortly, be at keys for remainder of day.  Hoping to run 5 miles today, that’s what I wrote for self.  We’ll see.

118,198 words in this laptop doc titled “2021”.  And that count isn’t considering what I’ve typed poetry-wise, and for class, the 100-word essays, in the 1948 journal, and other spots wherever.  Indeed, I am a writer.  Nearing 42 – oh shit, that’s next month.  10 days and one month away.  How….  Anyway, looking at my Garmin, it tells me that I AM getting out today.  No excuses.  What excuse would I offer self.  Well, the usual is hunger, or tired, or sometimes too busy to lace up.  nothing will do today, other than …..