Henry asleep, Melissa and big kids out on errands, little time to write.

Little creative efforts all morning.  Thinking from the AE stance, being truly about everything.  Everything is a story, everything teaches, everything is for me as a writer.

Couple email exchanges with ICB team (upper-management) at work.  Interesting ideas and approaches to communicating pricing, I must say.  As well as handling objections.  In notes….

Thinking a bit ago of how if I were to wake at 4 and start writing and working on blog at 4:15, and go till 9:15, the time everyone was up this morning give or take, I’d have FIVE HOURS of potential new revenue-riling projects and drives.  FIVE.  Something to think about… setting alarm for 4 tomorrow.  Thinking write for one hour then head out for run after.

Jack’s baseball game at 1 today, not sure I’ll get out to run before as I thought I would.  Shit…. maybe run later?  After game?  What’s the temp gonna be….  81 degrees at 4.  Nice.  Want to run in hotter weather anyway, so bloody perfect.

Posting what I have so far, family could break this session anytime.  And not just Melissa coming  home with bk’s, but little Henry upstairs and if he decides to just wake up and let out one of those searing fuck-you cries…