Up after 7, scratch leg, go over and change water in Keurig.

Coffee.  Needed.  Kids come downstairs and decide they want to play the Nintendo 16 reissue.  Haven’t in a while, so I say fine and they should enjoy their morning.  I rush over to the machine make a cup bring the cup over to couch and set on table.

Winery, I mean tasting room today.  Allergies this morning, and pretty bad.  Can’t take a goddamn pill since I took one last night.  Henry not awake yet but I fear he will be soon, breaking my concentration and this writing.

First sip.  Kids into one of the Mario games.  I sniffle again, telling myself to just ignore the allergies.  Let them do their thing and leave, like buccaneers or pirates.  Need contracts to come in this week, at least two.  The big Berkeley one could land this week but realistically I’m hoping by end of month, or maybe even next month.  Closer and closer to the 365 project’s end.  What day am I in, like 240-something?  Don’t know.  Doesn’t matter.  Focus on the moment, right now on the couch with coffee and playing kids on their day off.

What do I want from today… honestly, just time to write.  Not really wanting to taste the wines, wonderful as my friend’s wines are… Just writing.  More exploring and prospecting in my own thoughts and ideas.  Writing about anything… the people on the square, the tasting the other day and all the glasses and turning the next page on the clipboard and seeing the next flight and how long it was, thinking “Shit…”

Henry awake.  Will see if he wants to come down with me, or be fed.  Aim was 300 words for this visit and I think I’m near there.  Victoire.