Yesterday Emma said in car, “Mama, is it illegal to wear two hats?

Laughed and of course like everything Emmie says thought that to be the most adorable words I’ve ever heard.  Then recognized the rationale, her concern, the symbolic weight of the hat.  No conclusions yet, just thought about it, still am.

We all wear several hats, I thought. And who’s to say you can’t wear more, to say it’s against some law or code or ordinance, or expectation?  And why not break laws with your aims.  No like moving tons of substances overseas, but being a teacher and store owner… or a lawyer and winemaker, or a pilot and real estate agent?  who’s to say anything can and should and is done ONE way?

Nearly felt like telling Emma that yes, it is, and that’s why you should wear FOUR fucking hats.  See what the world says, see how they react.

If you’re happy wearing two hats, or just one with a bizarre design and unexpected color pattern and consistency, then lovely.  You decide what’s legal for your identity and what’s not.  Also find it interesting she asked Melissa and not me… the Mama Bear, the cuddler, birther…