Light breakfast this morning, as I noted earlier in phone.

No meat, eggs over-easy, avocado sliced, toasted sourdough with no butter, hash browns which I probably could have subbed for fruit, then black coffee.  I’m a runner, need to eat like one, more.

Sipping coffee thinking about this weekend, just got an email from the two-site prospect.  Don’t want to think about him or the AE story now.  Or maybe I should, give it more priority and transcendence.  Jackie with baseball later, he asking if I’ll stay the entire time I tell him I think so, still need to get something for Melissa’s birthday.  Oh shit, the cake….  Get it after baseball, or before.  I do want to watch him play, maybe do some writing while in the stands— oh yeah I forgot, have to stay in car.  Those parents that do stay don’t so why should I.  Maybe sit at that one picnic table and do some work while spectating.

Kunde Syrah last night.  Too dark and oak-lapped, I found.  Still enjoyed it, but looking for models and sections of study and emulation in Syrah.  There was more leave than take with last night’s bottle.