from a self-talk

…to Oliver’s in a minute, get a breakfast burrito.  Will make coffee when back.  Listening to book and my idea compounds, builds upon itself.. I even prospected more, more than I thought I would have by this time and given how constantly this morning I was with the brain activity of “Aw fuck I don’t want to work.”

Correcting and somewhat righting my attitude, getting out of that self-doubt and hesitation coma I’ve been in the last couple days.  Now… I want to make as much money as I can as an AE then leave for travel, for books and books and wines and more wines….  My thought of the wine shop reminds me I need to renew the blog’s url, vinovinevin.  Shit, that’s spending I don’t want to do.  But I have to…

Self-talking some more after renewing blog, what I want… what I’m going to do today… and after the burrito, once I get it.  Don’t want to drive for some reason, and don’t want to be around people and walk through that door, have to wait for the cashier…. Shit, just go.

But first, look for another lead.  Email.  Look busy one more time.