Back from drive up to Dry Creek, then around Santa Rosa.  No wine purchases, no Syrah hunt like I told Chris.  But, Blair’s wines finally got here, one of them being a Syrah.  Won’t be opening it tonight, but this weekend I’m pretty sure.  Would love to open it now but Melissa texted me – after I texted her asking if she wanted to meet for another wine date downtown – asking if I want to meet at 4:30 with the big kids at Beer Baron for a snack, drink, excuse to spend money.  Sure, I replied.  And now.. home and wanting to open one of those Comp Books and start with my winemaking notes.

One note, “I want to make wines that make you lose sleep.”

Another, “Everything starts with Syrah.  What do I like, love, about Syrah.  Migrate that to any other varietal you produce.”

One more, “The wine needs to be more voice than wine in glass.”

What I want my wines to do is be not my wines but belonging to themselves.  Share that with the world, like writing.  Write through winemaking…. Starting with this barrel.  A Syrah.  What do I like about Syrah…