Left caps button on, sorry.  

Yes, it’s just becoming boring and all anchors except one annoy me to visible ways.  Have LoFi tracks on after sending flight plan to Director, not that I have to more of a reminder to self of what I have to do for the day.  Hoping this one contract comes in….  Hoping is all I can do.  Made all the changes they wanted me to, and….. well, I think that’s it.

Driving into Sonoma Valley today for a Syrah mission, have three targeted.  Then deliver wine to SE’s house.  Coffee already cold, my second and small cup than first.

The morning, a Friday, not feeling like one.  Reading a note in journal from last night, the winery websites – “My age?  You’re reminding me how old I am?  Devils….” Why am I so conscious of my age, the number, how old I am?  I blame covid and all this time locked inside.. the quarantining, reminded on the news of all the harm to businesses and how it’s been so troubling getting leads at the beginning of 2021.  Relax…. Yeah, relax.  ‘Cause that’s so very easy for me.