An omelet. I want one.

Won’t let self get one.  Why.  Why am I so into this fasting thing.  Why won’t I just go get breakfast.  Is it the most important meal?  That’s what I’ve always been told.  Oh, then I need to get breakfast.

Still listening to a book.  Posted a question in the AE chat room to make it look like I’m working.  And I guess I am.  I emailed some prospects, and sent some LinkedIn requests.  Someone could say, “Get out into the field!” No, the pandemic is still here.  And I don’t have a vax yet.  Five days from now, my first shot.

No nap today.  Said yesterday that naps are no more but I took I think a 20-minute one.  Shit… oh well.

Pausing book.  LoFi tracks back on.  Need an idea, one that makes me lose my breath.  Again, difference.  I want life to change, today.  In the most loving and advantageous way.  Start with that additional cup.  Still haven’t made it yet.

Happy I had the night off last night, from class.  Got to pick up Jackie from practice, and the look on his face when I showed and him walking to the car somewhat sprinting saying “Don’t you have class?” Then me telling him I’m ditching to be with him, so I could pick him up and spend some time.  Hard to describe that feeling, when you’ve made someone’s day, especially your son, and especially as he leaves baseball practice to see his dad in the car, there for him.

Vendor emails me again, saying the prospect should be an easy sell if we can offer something competitive.  I respond and thank him, let him know if it’s outside our net it could be tough since the bigger companies are essentially impossible to beat during this pandemic with all their promiscuous promotions.  I post another question in the AE chat, see how they’ve done during covid with resold lines….

More B2C than B2B, keep reminding myself.  People and their stories, what drives them and what they do and why…. How they started a business, have an office, and that is their life’s work and everything, what propels their EVERYTHING.

Ideas for url’s.  Search GoDaddy, results, no buying.  Not today.  Pump breaks on spending… Melissa’s birthday weekend coming up, and I know that will have a bit of a bill.