Emailed a prospect.

Need to crack this code of protecting during the pandemic.  Contacted by a vendor just now, he may have a lead for me.  Didn’t look at the email as I working on those goddamn reports, but it’s something.  Need new ideas…. Change station.  LoFi Hip-Hop tracks, no vocals.  Better… Sonny was starting to sound a little loud.

8:47, responded to vendor and prospective client.  Looking for people today, not businesses.  That’s what will drive the AE story to a place where I can move wherever I want.  See my office in SF now, not Marin… want to drive across the bridge, park by the water in the Marina and write from my window view of Alcatraz, the bridge(s), the people walking below on the Embarcadero.  Fantasy I know, and I’m sick of it being just a fantasy.  Just realized my latte is dead, gone, sipped to nonexistence and I didn’t even notice.  May need more coffee… just something to nurse while here at desk.  Hate that word, ‘nurse”, when it comes to drinking something.  What then… ummm, how about SIP?  Okay, something to sip.  Coffee.

Sun coming through blinds which I opened a …