Breakfast done. Looking through old vineyard pictures,

bottle shots as well.  Jackie coming downstairs after waking his little brother saying “What are you doing, Mikey?” I tell him looking through old pictures of vineyards he simply says, “Awesome… enjoy.” I laugh a little, then start my digging. Jackie’s recent use of Mike and Mikey I can’t help but find hilarious.  He’s flaunting personality and intelligence, tone and handle on language…

Many of pics if not all of them have me missing those early morning walks on the upper blocks on Roth property, on Chalk Hill, and Lancaster and Foley Sonoma (Folso, we called it).  Need to get back out there, today maybe.  Just a drive.  Or on run, north on Coffey and into those Chardonnay blocks.

Syrah…. My barrel.  Will touch base with Chris again but not too soon.  Scheduled to be in the TR on the 13th I believe.  Can hardly wait, honestly.  For all this to be over, but to be closer to wine and my wines…..  Sipping that Chardonnay on the square, seeing Sonoma visitors pass with their gazes and innocent peering.

Another pic of night harvest.  Putting self further into wine’s light and myriad hold.