Short sentences and phrases. Henry could explode in ire and protest any minute.

Get all I can from these old photos…. 1000 words each shot.  Get out there and take more.

Emma and Jackie playing.  Me thinking of day and winery, wineries….  How many businesses business ideas I have – make a list, delete from there.

As a parent of 3 taking a quick bathroom break even if for three minutes is like a vacation, oasis visit that recharges and decides attitude going forward….

Short sentences… way of writing parent.

Henry protest…. See what I mean?

Put Henry down.  Nap attempt.  See how it goes.  There, cries coming.  Ignore and see what happens.  Have some work I’m trying to get if not done at least respectably developed.

Cries come in and out.  Suspect he’ll be out soon.  They’re not as awful and debilitating to hear as the ones a week or so ago when I tried.

Find a shot with wine in glass…. Again clear to me wine IS the story, IS Mike Madigan.. all books.  Not sure what it was in the glass, or even when I took it.  Just another order write what I know, what I love….