Bored with certain realities. So I

just stop engaging with them.  MY thinking the entire drive to get coffee, then to the ATM.  Come home and kids watching Saturday cartoons.  No harm in that, no harm at all as I see it… times are tying enough with covid and learning through a fucking screen.

Straight coffee for me, no lattes for the seen future.  Yes, a diet.  Getting back into the most serious of running conditions. Doing at least one 26.2 this year, when things really start to open up.  And more shorter runs, today hoping to do the 5k I vowed yesterday but failed.

Kids demanding breakfast other than what we have in house.  Thinking of getting them something, just to keep shop happy.  Jack asks me if I’m going to bring him to baseball again today, after I tell him he did a good job yesterday… two solid hits in practice and some impressive fielding.  He’s getting better, much better.  Not that he was ever poor in ability, just needed some work and more interest – elevated and impassioned engagement on his part.  No games, because of pandemic.  Just practices and scrimmages.  First scrimmage today, and he’s excited …