Done with lunch, didn’t eat the whole burrito.  All vegetables.  Now espresso and into AE mode.  Thought something of course I already knew and write about far too much while having lunch – thinking is the problem.  Small example, told them no chips or salsa but they for some reason included anyway.  So when home instead of thinking if I should have a little or use chips for burrito’s contents I just tossed the little white bag and small salsa containers.  No thinking, just action.

Said this and statements to the tune so many times before but now I think, TODAY, I actually get it.  Better late than never, just better done whenever.  Wonder if any of the students have emailed me, or responded to the letter I sent yesterday.  I’ll look in a little bit.  This espresso is just what I needed… with the $500 set aside for Bottledaux, think I’ll place a massive espresso order.  Already getting low, even after the pods Mom bought me for xmas.  Does this mean I have an espresso problem?  Or, espresso POWER.

30 minutes till call.  Heard from Novato prospect, and it’s put off till Monday.  Haven’t hear from the two-site …