No one up.  Written that before.

Coffee in cup.  That too, I’ve written that too.

Looking to make today different.  Goddamnit, that many time as well.

Cycle repeating, now a project roars through head on how to make everything distinguished to that day.  Different words, everyday…. How to do that.  I don’t know, I’ll let you know when I find out.

One appointment for the day, and that’s it.  What if I lie, or no so much lie but not wait for permission from these prospects to calendar an appointment and just make one.  I’m calling X business at X time.  Yes, that would be different. Do that.

Also go through past leads, ones that are seemingly, well, not leads at all but you have a name and someone to call.

Reliving life through my son and my interactions with Dad through him.  Like, when working he’ll approach me and tell me about a project he has and what will happen if he does well.  Also, sharing new knowledge with me.  Taking my headphones…..  I remember Dad had a pair in the Bayview Drive house that I would always use and eventually brought to my room downstairs and they never left.

Keep doing that, writing about scenes and objects and moments you haven’t before.

I don’t write a thing for about a minute.  Just enjoy this quiet which is not assured much life.  Everyone will be up soon and the frenzy will ensue, and I’ll have to be in the chair for the company, which is fine.

Start studying it more, Sonic.  Everything it says and does.  From community to principles of connectivity, to telephony…. Hmmmm.  Another idea.  Actually more like twelve, or thirteen.

Go wake kids, make sure they’re ready for school.  This happens nearly every morning, see what I mean?

Difference, and strong contrast.  That’s the day’s aim.  In THREE THOUSAND WORDS.  And all here, on Bottledaux.