Jack helping his sister with what’s called Lunch Bunch.  When the teacher offers discussion topics, asks questions, and asks for explanations on certain details and the students’ shares.  Some students are actually having lunch, Emma is.  Jack incredibly helpful, a real bug brother act right now he exhibits, making me feel pride and my age.

Sparkling water open, and taking a break from “work”.  Even the notes, distancing self a bit.  Sipping slow, cold.  I’m cold, and the wind outside has this very sharp and connective psychosomatic effect where I feel. It even if I don’t.

What do I do next with my lead finding… have a good handful now, and I reason converting them is a concern I’ll address later.  Leads, anything can be a lead right?  So find more and log all steps in the pursuit in Salesforce.  Leads and one’s attitude while searching for them.  Frustration often forms, but that’s if you allow it.  That I actually do notes in the journal, thinking of posting somewhere where I see it EVERY day.  I start to examine mine, a blend of hope and assessment of reality which now is still very much the covid world.

Emma still in her zoom meeting.  Have to laugh at how many meetings these kids have.  My daughter’s desk and work area upstairs really does feel like an actual office.  She’s only in that corner during the week.  So psychologically she has isolated that surface and space where the walls meet.  Interesting.  I need to do the same, with this desk.  Or, look at it more as a work area.  Which I do, but could do it more I guess.

Feel self getting bored.  So I think of Bottledaux and what I want it to be – the people the practice the life the story, everything.  I get an email from someone in the Marketing department, wanting to interview me about AE life and the Sales Process.

I have a writing prompt, an invitation to create something for them yes but for me and Bottledaux as well.  Everything starts with and stems from AE life, I say to myself. Should get back to prospecting, and respond to her email, the girl from Marketing that sent the email-vite.