11:53am and nearly lunch, but in no way hungry.

Only thing I want to consume is marketshare, new business.  Putting more time into building community and starting new conversations.  Set one appointment for tomorrow with Sales Engineer and prospect, then starting conversations with two other new leads – one a potential client and the other a possible partner.

Sparkling water, next.  Latter finally done.  Hitting a wall but I just write and blast through it.  Not going for run, I decided.  Yes, again.  Rather staying at desk and getting as close to my office in one day as I can.

Writing on inner office wall, or white board.  “Moving is the only.” I write.  Not sure it makes sense, or if it needs to.  It’s there.  It’ here, with me.

After noting the note, I hear Jack upstairs sharpening a pencil.  Several times.  And I think about earlier when little Henry was laughing at literally everything I did.  Raise my arms, smile, pick him up…. Just laughing.  I put this on the wall as well.  And the pencil, the writing… WRITING.  Has to be all, or much of this idea I’m building.