At desk and bored.

Could say I’ve been prospecting, and I have, just not as tirelessly and ravenously as I promised myself I would.  The dryer or washing machine is running upstairs and irritating me.  I ignore it to the best of any quarantined ability I have left.

Spoke with winemaker friend Chris.  Governor lifted the SIP order.  So Chris, still not able to host people in this tasting room, can host people outside.  At one table.  I feel for Chris and those like him more than I have time to here tell… what the hell, I think.  When is this shit going to end?  When will I be able to prospect in person?

Heard back from the director, responding to my flight plan this morning which was brief and seems exhausted when I read it back to myself.  He reminded me that he’s off today, and that I should enjoy the day.  Huh… not sure what to make of that, how to translate.  So let me translate it this way…. He has the day off, is not working, but I am.  I need to enjoy this day, I agree.  How do I do that.

Build something for myself.

That agency idea, but bigger.  So much bigger.

Marketing and Sales, Blogging and Publishing, Conversation and Creative.  For the sake of what, what would attract people.. users or customers, clients or partners.  Getting what you want.  From your business, or life.  Like a recipe but not. 

Starting with notes.  Okay, here’s one… stop thinking and start throwing.  Throw what?  Ideas… all of them.  Out into the world.  The results will contact your, so don’t waste your time waiting for them.

Sipping the last little bit of latte left.  Yuck, that cinnamon collect at the end.  I love cinnamon, but not when it does that.  I sip anyway.  It’s an appetite suppressant, I think.  So I can stay longer in chair.  With this thought and sight of the office….  SF, or in Marin, or maybe up here but I doubt it.  Or….