Up much, much earlier this morning. Kids up, I think. School starting soon.

Me on my second cup.  May go to Starbucks and get a latter just for the drive and some music, some time to think outside this house and away from desk, maybe..

This morning thinking about creative prospecting methods and approaches.  How to get more actual hits.  Of course, different during this pandemic, but it’s doable.  One of the more senior AE’s hitting 80% of her quota, which is well north of 1 million a year.  So I know it can be done.  She though, a 14+ year vet of the Enterprise team, so not really the same thing.

Back from getting a latte, and have some things to tend to… relaying pricing for prospects, which is good, then a client communication thing.  Everyone up, and the morning is off the ground, carrying the day into later hours.