8am Up and at desk. Regular coffee,

no espresso no latte just what’s needed.  Hear street-sweeper outside.  When was the last time he came around?  Don’t know.  Keeping with my wakeup log… earlier than yesterday by 4 minuets.  Today, 7:41, and yesterday you can math it out.  Need today to produce appointments.  Spoke to another AE yesterday and he said he’s experiencing the same thing.  The slowness, and how the Enterprise market, potential customer base was definitely hurt by this pandemic and what the economy did as a result of it.

I have all day, I tell myself.  Sweep away certain things, particles, people if necessary.  I’m interested in seeing where and what I am at 6pm.  Stay in chair till then, I tell myself.  And I will.  Get reports to director, make prospecting more enjoyable through emails and creative notes…. Is this guy coming around for another pass?  Maybe he needs to hit the other side.  At least he’’s thorough, I’ll give him that.  Sound though, annoying and the type you can’t wait to end.  

And then it does.  Then there’s quiet.  And me thinking about what three prospects, strongest leads I have going for me this month.  Going to have to fudge one of my reports I think, a bit.  Or do I… make one of the weaker leads one of the stronger ones.  There’s the guy in the city, the architect in San Rafael, and….. the CPA, who said no yesterday.  So yes, I’m going to have to embellish.  Hate that.  All fine and well and encouraging, just means I have to prospect harder, harder than any other AE.  PICK UP THE PHONE, I write to myself.  Yes…. Call people just to say hello, and ask if they need anything.  Don’t sound sales-y.  And I don’t, 99% of the time.  There are those couple calls though where I catch myself and hear an inner shut-the-fuck-up alarm go off.  Not today though.

Make it fun, make it easy, make it EASIER.