9:50am – Call in ten minutes.

Not sure the other guy put it on his calendar but we’ll see.  Found a couple new leads, and wrote some other ideas on generating my own leads.  Trying not to take any of this too seriously, and see it more as a writing assgnment, and finish my goddamn book finally.

Hoping the books I ordered come soon.  Get some reading in, today.  Maybe after run.  Route today is the Coffey straightaway, and up Hopper a little.  Then turn around and run around the Park.  Diversify my street selection.  Amplify my intentions.  Sending email to a contact that I’ve had for a while, in a bit… collecting more note for MY book from what I do at this desk.  Then re-read. Maybe that’ll be some of my reading assignment for day – my OWN writing.  Should incorporate that into semester… my one fucking class.  That book will come from the class, and this AE story, blending everything… like some bathtub cuvée.

Jackie upstairs singing in a funny quivering voice “Go go Power Rangers!!” I can’t stop smiling and laughing down here.

Just noticed the clock on this laptop is like 5 minutes fast, ahead of itself and me.  Huh, good I guess?  More time to write, collect… think of new approaches.  To everything.

Emma on a break from her class.  She must be.  Can hear her run and stomp from one side of the second floor to the other right above me.   The fire alarm chirping, low on batter power.  Okay…. Go to store after call.  Yes, I say to myself in a football game-like cheer and celebration… A DRIVE!

Then another idea hits me.  Have to hold onto it till after call.  Another one.. and it shakes me, I mean actually makes me lose my breath a bit… then another stemming from the second.  Wow, did I….  I saw something.