10:45 Gearing for run.  Running a route that I don’t particularly like.  Forcing myself.Exercise in an exercise.  Suiting, now… prepping self.

11:33 Decided not to go.  Kids battling killed my mood and vibe to be out there in my ran ride.  And now, of course, calm.  Should have just gone.  Melissa told me to get out there and I refused.  So now I have to again, for another day, risk not going.  NO—  I WILL get out there.  Just plotted a new route with Google maps.

One headphone on, listening to some Thievery… can’t remember this track’s name.  One of the longer ones though from Culture of Fear.  This is me, my doing. I should have run earlier, already… been up when Tom does, getting out of the way 5 or 6 or 8 miles like I did that one morning when I rose when still dark and headed up San Miguel to Coffey, Piner to Cleveland to wherever.  I say I want more time to self, then I need to take, be more serious about it.  Okay… what if I don’t run today, vow an hour-plus run tomorrow morning before anyone’s up.  Get up at 6 and run… make a project and company out of it…. Record it.  Hate running with the phone, but I can use that belt and take it in and out of there as I need to.

Headphones off.  Putting music into the walls of this office area.  This table.  My paramount and most sharp of missions and intentions is time, finding it in these covid scenes.  Time for running, writing… building what I want.  Getting to my office.

Only thing consumed today so far, latte and a coffee.  Want some sparkling water.  Then, look at houses.  Want to write our way and create our way off this street and out of this house.  And I will.  This is not promissory, this is now usual wishlist writing.

Serial-blogger – on everything in this lockdown.  And you know what, honestly, I want it to happen.  Feel like I didn’t get the most out of the first SIP order.  When we had our company quarterly party and meeting the CEO presented all these accomplishments of employees who had taken something new into their stories, started a new hobby or habit, working out or drawing, music, something.  I’ve been doing the same thing… over and over.

So I stop.

More running.  More poetry… 3 tracks a day, MANDATORY.

Tomorrow’s run….. no route.  Just 30 minutes out and back, along Marlow/Stony Point.  So I guess I do have a route.

Change music, one poem done.  Ten lines.  Put on Air, the station connected to on Spotify.  My wine shop appearing again in front of me, where I want it and how the blog started everything.  Everything I’ve tasted over the past few days.. notes not yet posted.  Have to do in “real-time” like Tasha says… as it happens, don’t wait.  Last night, the Pinot, blend the night before, the Balletto Gerwurtztraminer.. what else.  Oh, the new Pinot from West’.  How do I start this thing… get it off the ground?  Write about wine, more wine, wine thoughts, anything wine… post every goddamn picture of a vineyard and bottle, glass on the keyboard that you can find.  No wasted notes or projects, efforts or steps.  All as it happens from now on, real-time.