8:05 Sun up and screaming

through this window, right.  Want a drive, want a latte, want quiet.  Want more music.  LoFi beats still playing.  One thing I want from day, more of this. More time, for me, for the page.  When this whole thing started, I didn’t know whether to slightly celebrate or be fearful or frustrated or what.  Of course my first impulse was to write the whole thing, but now….

No sales last week.  What can I do.  Well, there’s a lot I can do.  Have some leads, but want more than that.  What do I want.  How am I asking myself this at age 41?

DADDY, CAN I HAVE SOME WATERRRRRRRR?  Emma says.  I tell her in a minute.  Working here.  Maybe she forgot.  No, go get her some water.  Don’t be that writer-dad…. Take yourself away from page.

I get them both water, reach for coffee and nothing there.  Already?

Something for the blog-shop… what.  The Pinot from last night?  That blend Drew gave me the other night when he dropped off my Westwood bottles?  Thinking the Bucher Pinot from Dutcher, last night.  I swear, at first I thought there was something wrong with it, then I remembered the Bucher Ranch.  The cows, the dairy, the manure chimes in the wine’s body, and to its compliment not opposite.

Tired of the LoFi beats, what else to listen to….  Type in “Chill House”.  That’ll do.  Makes me think of Mike Madigan on a trip, somewhere to talk about writing, or wine, or running and health.  Have the morning to myself and this chic hotel in New York has this playing in their café, or bistro.  Everyone around me is on some trip, or overnight.  Not concerned with the pandemic, just enjoying their morning.  Not paranoid, not having covid be their only thought.  Huh, imagine that.

Wrote Tom a quick note, thanking him for the call and time yesterday.  I’m re-reading his book, and know I need to get serious about running.  Today, 5 miles.  No fail.  Going to do my old route of the Fulton Flats, River to Barnes, and back to Coffey Park.  In the vision I wrote above, I also see myself traveling, running a marathon somewhere and waking the next morning to do a quick revery run then writing a bit.  All pen and paper.  Didn’t pack my laptop.

8:54 Kids relaxing, fed and content for the moment.  Light from sun a little disruptive and distracting.  Switch direction of blinds from upward to down.  Much better.  Still haven’t made more coffee.  Not even 9… what do I do today, besides run.  Poetry… songs… music.  More of it.  Need more, so much more music.  Go for a drive to Starbucks.  Not for the coffee, but for the quiet, time to me, MUSIC.