9:20pm Emma getting over being sick and now Jack with the bug,

whatever it is… me drained from the day, from them and from AE life and teaching the two classes…. no mood to write.  The head is not where is need be.  Laptop on couch, leaving here so hopefully when I’m up early and still dark I fly through my sentences.

Wondering is a new SIP order will be ordered.  What difference does it make, I say to myself looking down at the beer I just opened.  One needed after the day.  Wanted to write into the night, even journaled earlier in the 1948, “All-nighter.  TONIGHT.  It’s happening.”

No it’s not.

I’m sipping this bottle slower than I’ve sipped before and watching an episode of whatever that show’s called.

Now notice I have a scratch in throat, a little sniffle set about my face.  Nothing this beer won’t fix.  At least for the moment.

Maybe take a day off tomorrow…. No, I know me.  And I won’t.  I need to keep with these notes I’ve been scribbling and typing in phone.  One earlier I meant to post in several places but only sent to a couple corners.

Feel like my students, the ones that say “There’s not enough time in the day…” I’d always respond back with “There’s more than enough time in your day.” Now I’m saying to myself, as instructor and student but more so Human… “Are there?”