Yesterday’s stressful threads extending into today.

Woke this morning feeling a little scratched in throat, slow in nose, but after a cup of the most aggressive coffee I could throw together I’m a better better.

Have some wine arriving today.  Committing self to a post a day on the vinovinevin blog.  Bring it to life in 2021, before my birthday, or on.  My present to myself.  Jack and I home alone now, Handsome/Henry upstairs.

Chasing construction companies.  Have a new established and etched “vertical” that will not move.  Won’t let it.  The symbol of building, architecture… a structure.

Structure in my mood and attitude.  Letting anything into your wiring that would steer you away from opportunity is a choice.  And frankly one that cannot be made anymore.

Hear my two month-old poet upstairs, just making sounds and reciting.  No concern for accuracy or making any number… just speaking to speak.

Move today, I urge anyone.  Just move and develop structure and strategy as you go.  More value of whim than obsession with blueprints.  Not saying plans are harmful, but too much investment in them is what sows stressful threads.

Worth with already-made music.  Stress is accepted.