Settling into day. Wine dropoff

from Debra, owner of Dutcher Crossing, and a couple calls.  Fearing month could be slow, but still opportunity to pack conversation for 2021.  Feeling better with this cold or whatever I had, credit night’s sleep.  No run today, none yesterday.  Class tonight, and already have the idea that will navigate the meeting.

Hear my daughter’s sweet voice upstairs joking with her teacher.  Everything is learning, I tell myself.

Sales Engineer sends me a note.  Still waiting to hear from this one prospect.  Patience, everyone tells me.  But why… I know why, but still ask.

My agency, P-O-Z idea, revolving around media and conversation, writing, journal entries.. everything stated at top of the Bottledaux site that Jack yesterday read to me from the couch in this office.  One note, ‘Do What You LOVE’, having me moving today in a unique read of self and identy, voice and page.

Caffeine helping.  I’m settled into the day.  Writing my new day routine, just as HST did.  Obviously much different as you might believe, but still something I want to try.


Sniffle again….

Sip coffee.  Another cup soon.  Further settled.  Establishing a new settlement of SELF.