Camera ready.

Driving to Russian River, somewhere.  No tasting, just images, captures, the vineyard.  Walk, so long overdue seeing all these old pics from SB rows or the Chalk Hill property gets me distressed and in an addict’s year.  Just for the air and everything there.

Or maybe I will taste something somewhere.  Why not.  I’m on vacation, I guess.

Want tacos from up the street, so I plan my route and day – vineyard visit, Safeway, El Brinquito.  Running later, around 3.  Have to make myself do it.  Like I’m starting to run, all over again.  Run down to Fulton and turn around on that one side street then head back up, run around the Dogwood area, then park.

I actually just searched “Wineries near me”, on Google.  Like I’m from Nebraska and staying at one of these hotels, wondering where me and my friends should go wine tasting.  Like I’m the type that says WINE TASTING when I actually do go tasting.  Either way, found a destination, a spot to stop.  Sunce.  Haven’t been there in years.  Not sure if they’re open, or even taking walk-ins with the pandemic.  Can try, either way.  And wait, WHAT?  I’m not tasting… photog only.  Write about he wine while not letting tongue touch even a tad.