9hrs, 56min into fast.  Just offered Starbucks and declined.  Sipping home coffee.  Trying to change character, everything from caffeine and food intake and consistency to wine.  How much I run, read, when I wake up of course which is the war of wars with me…..  EVERYTHING.  First win of the day, saying no to Starbucks MAF offered.  For lunch later, with Jack…. Salad, no meat.  I want to meet this new Mike Madigan.  One more disciplined. One getting closer to aims rather than just restating over and over what they are.

Looking again at the beach house…. See self there writing a collection of stories, about the kids and all the jobs I’ve had, blogging, writing, living in San Carlos.  Feel the coffee working, no need for a latte.  Acts like this will get me to the beach, me writing on the couch occasionally looking up to see sea, the blue, hear the sea lions.