Asking self some

questions to get self out the door.  Ride to photo session, then Safeway, then tacos.  I’m thinking too much, just what I tell students not to do.  Okay.. so write about that, I tell myself.  Don’t write “about” it.  WRITE, it.  Indecision is a muck, a pit, a disease.  Seriously, like something you do and you know it’s detrimental and ailing you but you’re afraid to not do it.  My thesis in non-thought, made tangible and living and breathing and never-ceasing.

View from one of the tasting rooms, Foley Sonoma.  Right when I started with the portfolio. My last stint, I call it.  Loved the building, tasting through the flight which included some of the Stryker bottles when I first started.  Should have bought more of those, now that I think about it, them, the Tannat, Cab Franc, and that Rockpile blend.  Stryker, always reminding me of a bottle gifted to me in ’06 in a mixed 6-pack from a  family friend.  This reinforces time and the importance of moving and not meditating.  Being in paginated flight and not stuck in any one right.