Flight plan sent. Typing on AE laptop.

Many already on vacation I feel, so I’m going to enjoy looking for new business.  Kids already crazy, home for their Thxgiving vacation.  Well, Jack anyway.  He’s the one really acting crazy.

Played more chess yesterday than I have in years.  Why I’m not letting the kids being home and here around me and loud stress or bother, agitate me.  Part of the game.  My movements need be cool, composed.  I keep typing here on the laptop, thinking about my startup, Bx… this blog, those connected to it.  The wine facet, running, parenting, writing, journaling, self-education, mental health….  Every idea I can now call and collect, monetize it.

Moved money from one bay to another, for business and toward credit.

Wrote notes to new connections.  Writing down each move and connection in the notebook Mom bought me.

One lead written.  Sipping coffee, then I think a double-shot of espresso from the new machine.  Don’t know how to use the milk frother yet, otherwise I’d make a latte.  That corner of the kitchen where the two coffee machines are, and the wine I opened last night and the bottle from the other night (Sullivan Merlot), puts more images of my office and business in head.  What I want in there, a creative space all mine.  No interruptions.  So many see covid and these days where we’re around each other constantly and space and time are constricted and different as a hinderance I now see as a bright bridge to my Equilibrium.

Only 8:20 and I’m ahead in the day.  Notes for websites I plan on building for self, later tonight.  No distractions.

9:07 Kids watching some xmas or Thanksgiving movie, I think.  Sent some follow-up emails, and reports to director.  Get another email from prospect, then one from my SE… morning starting to pick up.  The AE story compiles and is more than a platform, or bridge, or even story.  It’s like a woven climate.

Listing all conversations started, or “leads”.  Looking at my memories on Facebook, and time has no regard or care for my cares nor loves, it just moves.  And that’s what we need to do, regardless of aim or career envisioned.  About EVERYTHING, that’s what we need to be.  We’re all AE’s.  I remember the GM at Sonic telling me one day, about how when the company started they were all AE’s. IT stuck with me, and now echoes helpfully.

Just had a shot of espresso from new machine.  I’m obsessed with that thing, and it will definitely be coming with me to the office when I open it.  9:46am and with 5 conversations initiated.  Not bad.  Continuing my comb of Berkeley, then going to play in SF with digital firms and marketing agencies, ad agencies, website builders and developers.

I need to wake earlier.  This is a staying struggle with me.  Last night watching Queen’s Gambit too late didn’t help.  Just did a couple searches on url’s.  Haven’t done that in a while.  Found two that I’ll be securing, without doubt.  Building something today, and yes I could have started the build earlier if I’d earlier woken but I’m here now and can’t obsess over what did or didn’t happen.

Kids going in and out of craziness watching their cartoon.  I center in projects and dwell and yell in my promising possibilities – About Everything project, Account Executive Life project.  Both to be addressed tonight.

Back to research…  Hoping a contract, possibly two, come in before Thxgiving.  And if not, the conversation just moves slow, and that happens, I know.  Distracted by another url idea.  Was just playing, don’t see myself developing that one seriously.

10:39 Break from prospecting, collect here on page. Thinking of going into other room where kids are and getting them to go upstairs, brush teeth and get dressed but the two of them versus me is a cause ridiculous.  Maybe just do it and see what happens, see if I can grab some perspective and methods for business from them, in the craziness they’ll exude and speak.

3:52pm Four total appointments set today.  Well, technically three.  Waiting for one to firm up.  I keep moving fast only to slow down from moving fast then realize I need to move faster ‘cause I’m slowing.  This is deliberative excess, but still, great day.  About to switch into wine mode, picking up a couple bottles at Oliver’s that I’m soon to write about and….  Truck hitting me.  An idea so mammoth and marvelously monstrous that I lose breath, and I wake up again.  No more espresso needed, that’s for sure.