Feeling a little guilty about not producing more of my own leads.

All my sales this month, I think, are from inbounds.  Can’t let it disrupt.

Had to watch Henry and Jack upstairs now finally back at desk.  Waiting on approval of something, an expedite.  Even if it’s not approved I have a plan.  Actually, if it’s not it may work in my favor.

11:38 Running at 1pm.  New Route.  Running with music in ears like other day.

Back on topic of generating leads, my own leads and not being addicted to inbounds.  First, 300-word letter.  Starting with the consistency of sales then stemming into other streets.  And, social… photography.  Writing.  Capturing everything.  Market Mike Madigan, MORE.

Espresso done.  Find one lead.. then another.  Another. One more.  Starting conversations, or trying.  Forgetting about the actual product and service I sell.  In fact, no sell.  No more.  Just conversation.  Learn.  Businesses and what they do… User Interface and Experience, design and creative, narrative and community.  Just speaking outloud to self as the business needs to wake, be alive and in-flight NOW.

A Petite Sirah last night.  A bit too toasted and oaky, sluggish and slouched for my wined way but I still sipped it.  Went away from the wine, to the connected corners and ideas, topics and worlds – experiences past all the way back to ’06 when first in TR, pouring at St. Francis and listening to club members with their requests and questions, and weird stories about how they drink wine whenever with their wine friends and talk about wine and wine wine WINE….  That’s what you sell, if anything.  The page… the narrative, the NOW.

Not prospecting.  Just looking for words, people, stories.  New books and music.  New LIFE. 11:53 Charging phone, plotting route.  Down S. Miguel, turn around in side-street neighborhood, then back up.  Trot into Dogwood, around, play in streets, lap the park a couple times, then back to this desk.  Make it a story, all of it.  Every curb car person passing tree gutter mailbox and lawn