Jack reads his writing to me.

He asks me, “Do you want to read my story?” He details everything.  He reads how they bought toys yesterday with his own money, and how he put together his sister’s toy and it “wasn’t even mine”. He cites everything, and is exemplary in his address of details and specifics, movements and transitions.  He reminds me to write further into where I am, what I’m doing.  Everything is them.  He writes then about how I work at Sonic, and internet and phone company he says, and how I used to work at a “wine company”.  He says how I love selling wine, tasting wine, and watching how it is made.  Fascinating, this forming writer, the 8 year-old essayist at my right.  He finally gives in to his sister’s demands to play on his tablet whereas before he refused and stood strong against her encroach, but now doesn’t want to be bothered while writing so he hands it to her so paragraphs can be finished.

What else should I write, Dada?  Jack asks.  Remembering what Is always said to students, beyond the magic of the meta instruction…. What you want to do today.  Write it as it WILL happen, like it’s happening now.  Like, “Driving to house on coast this afternoon, will be there for the next three days to finish three essays.  No wine for the next three days, I need to finish these stories, essays, bits for the magazine or submission to…” Now I have ideas, Jack taught me about writing just now.  

More ideas.

More possibilities.  Dreams, but not.  Things that will happen.  I know they will, ‘cause I write them happening now.