Sent contract off.

Reports sent to director, and sold 6 bottles of Caddis to friend from old neighborhood.  4-shot latte nearly done.  I’m in character, in frame, About EVERYTHING, this morning.  Kids were in the highest of spirits, and so was I.  Love my morning drives with them int he morning, singing to certain tracks, many of them Timbaland or produced by him as Jack loves his work.  Emmie singing along as best she can then picking up a book and reading it to herself.

Little writing break here, thinking of making a list, of points to hit in day.  Wondering if I want to run.  Probably should, as it’s said it’ll rain tomorrow.  But that doesn’t matter does it?  Ir an the other day in the rain.  Five miles, right?  Pardon my quick quickness this morning… I’m just already lovingly attached and heartily harnessed to the new week.  One idea speaking from and stemming toward another.

Wine last night, that 2010 Cab Franc, not hitting me.  Good lesson in aged wine, as there was a bit of brick in its visual body, and a slight musty call in its lip.  Not as enjoyable as I’d hoped.  It was the lesson, though.  Like with this. Morning, Henry upstairs not wanting his mother to leave and go for her run.

Upstairs to see him…

Feed time for the petit human.  Back to notes.  Running, coffee… the new machine Mom bought me.  Will test it out later, after run when that afternoon sinker sets in.  Not sure what direction is next in the morning.  I’ll be with Henry in a bit, and studying his actions I’m sure this morning thinking while driving about he doesn’t try to make sense when he makes his sounds he just makes a sound.  Prospecting is much the same.  Just say something, the person’s reaction is beyond your control.  Of course what you say should be kind and inviting, and I guess I’d say interesting or entertaining, but what happens next is independent of your navigation.

With the contract off, and waiting to send another, I think about my office.  Conversations, creativity, words….. architecture of thought.  Want to dive back into exploring and looking at businesses, but I hold off.  Force self to stay int he chair.  Writing to self, what I see for my business, the next house we live in…. Dreams but not.  Visions, but more tangible and immediate.

One of the aims I write down, “Ten new leads, list them one after the other, one piece of paper, tear out page, tape to desk.”

Nearly forgot to submit timecard.  Maybe I’m moving too fast.  Or not fast enough, this morning.  Latte done.  Switching to water, hydrate and get some water to circulation and system before run.  Forgetting the timecard submission, nearly, puts me in a strong consideration of time and life, work, life’s work again.  Writing, creating, wine, running, kids….

Blending all columns and rows.  Life alchemy, play….  EVERYTHING.  Time doesn’t care if I’m on-time, it just moves.  Maybe I shouldn’t run, maybe I should stay at the desk, keep with my creative sake.