Already after noon.

People outside doing their yards, mowing and clipping and trimming and chopping.  Think I’m on my third cup, but I sip slow today.  And, I spilled out the second cup as it was cold when I got back from getting breakfast.  And this cup, now cold as well.  May just pound it and make another.

Music, on mind.  Finding new artists across music types and categories.  Where do I start….. hip-hop, instrumentals, trip-hop, electronica.  Kids come onto office and disrupt, but not. That’s part of the story.  Part of the Now… EVERYTHING, much instrumental in the music of the room, the house, the day, 2020.

Jack agitated now when I take a picture or video of him, so I have to sneak shots and stills int he moment. They’re getting big, bigger than I can inventory or handle, certainly quicker than I can write.  But I write anyway.  From and for and about them… these wee beats.