Drive Fool

Kids play with their new little nerf guns, shooting around and at anything and at each other.  Jackie informs me the British are invading and they need to go to war with them.  They arm me with an old and similar gun of Jack’s.  Have no idea of their objective or what they specifically are pretending, and I don’t need to.  That’s the lesson.  Play, enjoy, create.  In business and in lead generation the notes tell me before I write them.

They bring down their firs POW.  A large Minnie Mouse stuffed doll, they put her on the couch.  I chime in and assign the couch as our holding cell.  Emma threatens to shoot her, I tell her “NO, we just detain here.” Jack adds, “Yeah, we’r not psycho killers.”

They bring down more prisoners.  Jack informs me that some are Australian, and begin imitating them, or speaking as one so one of the prisoner can talk.  He tells me that they’re making fun of each other, I tell him that happens all the time.

Jackie getting ready for his morning run with his mother, I’m going after.  46 degrees outside.  How far am I going today…. My runs lately have been terrible.  Shit, anymore if I hit 4 miles I’m elated, where in the past that would anger me.

Just get out there and run, play with the routes and the stress like the kids are with their guns and prisoners on the couch.  Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be guarding them.  I wasn’t trained though, what do I do?