Emma up.  Went upstairs to change, said she wanted new jammies on for her stay-home day.  One cup of coffee, no sips yet.  When at Oliver’s it was pretty much the first thing I tossed in the basket.

Today and tomorrow, prepping for the week.  With those two sales I want to amplify whatever I did.  Which, now thinking, was only follow-up.  How do I generate my own leads… how do I not depend on the coordinators, or dept admin for inbounds?  Write “Lead Collection” in journal, then “every name could lead to a name”.  I’ll take notes as they form, or when I think of something.

Emma comes downstairs looking to be entertained.  I have nothing but then she recommends what I used to do more often – play some Bugs Bunny on one of my phones, find those old episodes on YouTube.

Budgeting to do… why not do it now.  ‘Cause it’s budgeting.  7:22am, pulling out ledger.  Sip coffee…. Dive in.  I then get an idea for business, budgeting, and plainly just money.  I don’t write it down but keep in unwritten, in head.  Let it swim around and if it doesn’t swim away then maybe commit words, put into some sort of movement.  Like the lead generation idea.

Thinking about how to attract business, you have to be seen.   And I’m not going to use that trite acronym the BNI people use of, what… VCP.  I’m not using any acronyms.  One word, CONVERSATION.  Find one, find more.