3:59 Kids playing in front yard,

relieved to be out of house, me in office with Henry frantic to post something do something draw something, CREATE.  Starting with old pictures in the camera Mom and Dad bought me years ago.  And there’s a lot.  Take forever to download, there’s so many.  Thousands, I think.  Find one, this huge cluster.  Want to edit it a bit more than I already did.  Henry starts to sound annoyed that I’m not paying adequate or really any attention to him.  I check and see how he is talk to him a bit make him smile and pickup his crib with him in it and bring him closer to me while I work.

What kind of cluster is this.  I want to say Cabernet, but I really have no way to tell.  Don’t have leaf shapes and edges committed to memory as once did.  It’s a beatific cluster I’m admiring.  Way I write about wine, or try to, when I don’t get flustered or excessively analytical with what I’m sipping.

Henry now fully outraged that I’m in this laptop.  Sip rest of Trecini Sauv Blanc and try to appease him.  Turn around offer his pacifier, his eyes don’t lower but he’s distracted, appeased.  I look at the photo some more, look for others.  Find so many that I forgot about.  Then the batter dies, but I remember the photo bay on this laptop and how extensive it is with wine visuals and captures of vineyards.  I go back, like I do with wine and what wine orders us to do, look backward, remember and more thoroughly consider past scenes.

New red wine to try tonight, can’t remember its name.  Think it’s a Cab.. Sonoma County, and maybe Alexander Valley AVA tag.  Can’t remember.  But it’s new, and that’s what I need with wine, even if the bottle’s contents don’t impress me or have whirled and wowed, it’s Newness.  The new experiences, what any writer needs.

Henry asleep, or close.  And I think again of he and I making wine, running a business, wine or marketing, some creative firm.  Not seeing myself as old, the 41 year-old dad anymore, but one of them.  One of the kids playing in the front yard, just delighting in my freedom and love of the day, riding a bike, throwing a ball, shooting a Nerf gun.