Finding Quiet When When

This is my new search now, my new book I think. Maybe. How a writing father can find time, quiet more or less, to write, to chip away at the manuscript. Quite possibly you won’t find it often, if at all even. Either way, you’re alive, you’re observing, so you’re writing. In the home office pretending I’m working. “I have reports to get done.” I said. Which WAS true. I finished them, didn’t report that I’d finished. And why should I. Again, anything you can do to find time to write, DO IT. If you have to lie to your wife and kids as I did, there is no harm. There are no victims. There is only writing, which will benefit you and them not even by extension but immediately.

4:04pm Class starts in under an hour, room darkens from daylight savings, and I’m in a holding pattern. Good size sale today, and learning I’m at about 90% Year-To-Date, so I’m following what the day’s doing. Slowing down, not pressuring self. Enjoying the writing, the success of my lie.